• Tamper Proof

    Making our device tamper proof is extremely important. If your driver attempts to remove or bypass our device, a notification is immediately sent to the Administrator (parents, guardians or employers).

    The purpose of our device is to stop distracted driving. Ensuring that DriveTAB™ is unable to be removed without notification gives administrators confidence that our device is always working.

  • text inhibitor

    This feature reduces the risk of distracted driving and completely eliminates the risk of texting related accidents.

    Giving your driver the ultimate protection! They’ll thank you later because drivers who text and drive increase their chances of

  • app inhibitor

    This feature gives administrators complete control over what apps their Driver is authorized to use while driving. So rest easy knowing your driver isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or taking “SELFIES” while they’re driving.

    This feature gives ultimate reassurance that any driver is fully protected behind the wheel.

    Note: Once car is off all functionality returns to driver’s phone

DriveTAB™ also Provides the option for parents and companies to track and monitor their drivers “driving behavior” with our must have advanced monitoring system.

System tamper notification

Automatic System Link (upon vehicle start up)

gps locator (upon vehicle start up)

Locate your vehicles last known location

Vehicle speed notifications

The DriveTAB™ logs driving behavior and alerts a parent of speed violations. So parents can make sure their little drivers are safe and following driving laws (Development)

Geo-Fence Notifications

Notifies parents when the vehicle breaches a pre-set perimeter, because often knowing when your child is too far for comfort can make a huge difference.

Vehicle Curfew notice

Notifies parents when the vehicle is operated before or after a pre-set time. Example: If your child is supposed to be at school from 8:30am-3:00pm if their car starts in between that time frame the parent will be notified immediately.

This optional service only costs $8 per month

This minimum charge provides parents extra peace of mind and assurance of driving compliance